Upstate South Carolina Birth Photographer

Joining us earthside is one of the biggest events of your childʼs life. I believe birth is the start of all things great. Without it, there is no life, there is no future. Thatʼs why I believe that documenting your childʼs birth is so important. It is the first moment, of millions, that will change your life and the world, in small and huge ways. Not to mention the amount of work mama does to bring forth that moment. From a personal standpoint, I desperately wish I had all of my births documented. There is so much Iʼve already forgotten that I wish so badly I could remember and watch back. Having my children, each of their births, was life changing, and so full of emotion. I would do anything to get those moments back, and have them forever. I aim to capture these memories, so that other parents never lose them over time.